About Hi5 & Gimetzco!

Gimetzco! brings you Hi5-Superfun! the easiest way to get your hands on the art of Andrew Bargeron (and possibly a few other artists, time will tell).

Just who is Andrew Bargeron? Well, on the webternet/cartoonland he's known as Gimetzco! and as Gimetzco! he's illustrated for magazines and rock bands (ranging from Reel Big Fish to Weezer and all kinds in between). Currently he's responsible for bringing to life the Cryptid crew; a rag tag buncha mythological creatures that embark on wacky adventures from time to time.

Here, you'll be able to purchase prints, posters and maybe even shirts featuring the Cryptid Crew and other crazy artwork.

In the meantime, if you want to see more Gimetzco! artwork and even download (for free) some music made by his project called Station! point your cursor toward www.gimetzco.com (where else!)